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In Hungary, any person who is not a citizen of a member of the European Union needs a permit to work. The first step of the permit is the search for a job. You can start the process with a signed employment contract.

(Permission is required not only if someone wants to work as an employee, but also when setting up their own business. An exception to this is the person who is the managing director of his own company. However, if they are actively involved in the work, they also need a work permit, since this task is not related to management.)

Obtaining a work permit is a complicated and time-consuming process. The application must be submitted to the Immigration Office, the basic condition of which is an existing employment contract between the employer Hungarian company and the applicant. The work permit is closely related to the application for a residence permit, so it is worth applying for it at the same time. As a third national, a residence permit for gaining income, and as an EEA citizen, either a registration certificate or a permanent residence card is required for lawful residence.

Residence permit for other purposes:

A residence permit may be granted for the purpose of work to a third-country national whose purpose of residence is:

  • carry out actual work on the basis of its employment relationship, for consideration, on the basis of another part or under its direction;
  • as the owner or executive officer of a company, cooperative or other legal entity established for the purpose of generating income, in addition to its activities covered by this scope of activity.

Residence permit:

In case of prolonged stay in Hungary and compliance with the legal requirements, settlement may be applied for by a third-country national.

In Hungary, the following types of residence permits exist:

  • EC residence permit
  • Temporary residence permit
  • National residence permit
  • Long-term residence card

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