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Temporary employment, mediation of foreign workers

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We provide an effective response to the labour shortage, which provides a positive solution for both parties

Temporary employment is currently the most common atypical form of employment. A tripartite employment relationship in which an employee concludes an employment contract with a lending company with a view to working for one or more third parties. Our company undertakes to find the right employees that the employing company would like to employ. After being recruited into our own staff and performing all the administrative and financial tasks necessary for the employment of employees, we then conclude an employment contract with the borrowing company. The employment contract must necessarily include the fact that the contract was created for temporary agency work.

Benefits of vietnamese labor:

  • They are dedicated, motivated people who really want to work.
  • Long-term commitment, their ultimate goal is settling down.
  • They are committed to their work and take the tasks entrusted to them seriously.
  • They are suitable for independent work, their cooperation skills are excellent.
  • Their tolerance for monotony is above average.
  • Affordable wage demand.
  • Their conduct and work are impeccable.

Pre-screenings carried out by the Vietnamese state labour intermediary:

  • Certificate of morality
  • Family background screening
  • Medical examination
  • Drug test
  • Professional aptitude test
  • Examination of client terms

Procedure of administration:

  1. Assessment of needs.
  2. Signing a contract to import Vietnamese labor.
  3. Choosing the right employees.
  4. Conclusion of an employment contract.
  5. Work visa.
  6. Acquisition of Hungarian documents (Social Security number, tax number)
  7. Getting to work.

More important areas and professions to which we successfully mediate workers

Building industry

Light industry

Food industry

Automotive industry

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